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miscellaneous cultural commentary from two urban twenty-somethings. on this here interweb, we go by "bee" and "zy."

to the tea

I’m into tea. All kinds. These days, tea is branching out. Here are some examples.

Hanger TeaHanger Tea. Does this not make so much sense?

Tea Bag CurtainsTea Curtains. Don’t just drink it. (Click on the image to read the how-to on making these, courtesy of Time Out NY).

Tea shirtTea shirt.

thirsteaBubble Tea. It’s flourishing in NYC. This is my preferred provider, on East 10th between 1st and Ave. A–Thirstea. Follow them on twitter for the occasional discount and whatnot.

earl grey ice cream

Earl grey ice cream. So good. Here’s a recipe. I plan to combine some of my favorite things in life and make earl grey ice cream mochi someday soon.


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