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sex positivity

I was perusing Salon.com’s movie section today, and noticed a description of a movie entitled “Sex Positive.”

I haven’t see the film, and I’m sure it’s “important” and “fascinating” like reviewers say, but I’m kinda sad that the title, “Sex Positive,” got used for a documentary describing one man’s life–as opposed to a film exploring the concept of sex positivity, more generally. I mean, the title is relevant, for sure, seeing as the focus is on Robert Berkowitz, a “a onetime S/M hustler turned safe-sex evangelist.” But the idea of sex positivity encompasses much more than advocacy for safe sex practices.

For myself and feminist, twenty-something peers with whom I’ve discussed the topic, sex positivity is a vast and nuanced thing that informs our valuation of our bodies and our pleasure, as well as our politics. It is a paradigm within which we can situate both use of and critical engagement with porn, and it’s a foundation for advocacy for sex education that doesn’t delude itself with the detrimental fantasy that kids aren’t already sexually active or aware. Sex positivity gives us stores like Babeland, policies like over-the-counter access to emergency contraception, and honest articles like this one by Tracy Clark-Flory.

Anyways, I’ll probably see the movie and love it, but I’m hoping some filmmaker is adding “Make movie on contemporary sex positivity” to the to-do list.


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