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More online dating-ness

flir_177As many have suggested and/or requested, I have finally written a bit in-depth about my experience with online dating over the past several months. Below’s a snippet. Read the full post here.

Joining online dating websites was something I did several months ago as part of a larger project to challenge my shy, serial monogamist-with-a-tendency-to-date-friends’-exes self. Take a chance, make a profile, I told myself.

The first site I used was JDate, which has no real matching mechanism (perhaps it does now? Regardless, it didn’t last fall). You fill out some boxes indicating your interests, education, and various demographic info–should you choose to provide these things–and upload photos. You can search for people within a certain age-range and within a certain distance from you.

I went on JDates with five different guys over the course of about two months before canceling my account. Nothing went horribly–some meet-ups went well enough to warrant second dates. One produced this two-week-long micro-relationship that started with tea and good conversation and ended with us remarking over a sushi dinner how we somehow skipped to that point in a marriage where you have absolutely nothing to talk about.


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the world doesn’t get it yet

I was perusing Salon’s daily Five Things feature, and noticed this quote from one thing on Rihanna charging her boyfriend with abuse:

Friends of the young star vowed to stand behind her. ‘Everybody’s sick about it,’ said an industry insider who knows the duo. ‘She’s so beautiful and nice. … How do you hit her?’

Emphasis mine. See, here’s what gets me: I don’t give a damn how beautiful or ugly or how nice, or even how mean you are–there is NOTHING that makes a person more or less deserving of abuse or any kind of violence. Abuse is simply never warranted.


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relationship for rent

jewelry_inlaid_keysCoincidentally, two days in a row I heard references (coming from people who don’t know each other) to girls (who also don’t know each other) who either actively or half-jokingly use guys for a free place to sleep/live. Is this a trend I’ve been heretofore unaware of? Could the ability to meet someone and work one’s way into a relationship with lightening-fast move-in status be considered a skill?

I mentioned this to a person I’m currently flirting with, who responded, “Don’t worry. I charge $2.50 per night.”


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