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devil drinks soda

If I had my own country, I’d probably ban soda. That and fluorescent lighting. (And Jews for Jesus, Pat Robertson, Mel Gibson, all forms of violence, etc.).

It’s not that I hate soda. I love certain kinds, like Dr. Brown’s black cherry. I just don’t like it when soda becomes a lifestyle–when it becomes necessary at every meal, when someone flips a shit because they didn’t get their third can of Diet Coke that day.

Anyways, the other night I was skipping immaturely around a fancy corporate office (all of the employees had gone home for the evening except the one who’d let me in), checking out the accoutrements and expansive views that I lacked at my nonprofit, basement-level workplace, when I found this: I came across the DIY soda maker after inspecting the refrigerator, the top shelf of which was stocked with free cans of Coke, Dr. Pepper, and other soda options (no juice whatsoever). There is also a standard soda machine about ten steps away from where I took this picture. WTF.

Those are the bottles you have to buy along with the machine. Good freaking lord. At least the “Soda Maker Donations” cup was empty. That gave me some solace.


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make it stop

Sometimes I get really down on the world, like when I was canvassing for a democrat’s political campaign a few years ago and some guy let his attack dogs out on me instead of answering the door. That moment, combined with being spit at a few days later and a slew of other negative experiences, wholly dampened all political aspirations I once had. Who wants to represent the interests of assholes?

Today’s downer is this news story: Marine Uses Craigslist to Arrange Assault of Girlfriend.

“Need a real aggressive man with no concern for women,” read an ad posted on Craigslist in early December. It included a photo of a woman from Wyoming. She did not post the ad. A week later, she was attacked.

According to police, a former boyfriend posted the ad on Craigslist, seeking someone to assault his ex-girlfriend. Jebidiah James Stipe, a Marine stationed at Twentynine Palms, California, wrote the ad on December 5th, pretending to be a woman looking to fulfill a rape fantasy. The victim saw that ad two days later, and contacted police, and Craigslist, and the ad was removed.

Unfortunately, two days was just enough time for Ty Oliver McDowell to see the ad and respond. Stipe and McDowell began a brief correspondence, with Stipe posting as his ex. McDowell told police that during an online chat, Stipe told him what “she” wanted: “humiliation, physical abuse, sexual abuse.” He also provided McDowell with her address. On December 11th, he broke into her house and attacked her, saying: “You want an aggressive man, bitch, I’ll show you aggressive.” Immediately after, she called 911 and reported the assault. Upon arrest, McDowell told detectives he thought he was fulfilling her fantasy, and was unaware that he had raped anyone.

I can’t take it.

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