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tricks are for kids

I’m too lazy (slash have to run to a meeting, so don’t have time) to think of a relevant title for this post. But anyways, I wanted to recommend ya give a listen to this NPR podcast in which two pundits from opposite sides of the political spectrum re: gay marriage discuss their coming to a middle policy ground.

Just give gays civil unions, they say. To which a few callers said, civil unions for all! “Get the government out of the business of marriage,” was a phrase callers particularly fancied. Then some middle-aged, but well-meaning, I suppose, man called to talk about how he’s being discriminated against as a single guy. Whatevs. Anyways, it’s an interesting listen, and made my commute to work this morning feel oh so smart.

My response? Can’t we just start working from the baseline assumption that any political debate in which someone thinks someone else shouldn’t have the same rights s/he has is wack? Cloaking self-righteous, paternalistic, discriminatory thinking in euphemisms about “principles” and “morality”–Tricks, tricks, tricks.

(Gawd, yes, I’m that much of a nerd that I couldn’t wrap this up without trying to make the title relevant.)

FYI- Zy previously wrote an excellent post responding to the op-ed co-written by the two guys interviewed in the podcast.


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  1. zy says:

    Isn’t it nice that apparently non-gay commentators can come to a deal about what will be acceptable for gay people? So glad they can agree on what will be tolerable for the people actually denied rights. They obviously have a great deal of insight into how gay people think, feel and live, as well as what choices they want to make for themselves.

    Moderation. So great.

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