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Notes on “The 16 Most Overrated Sexual Acts”

I’m referring to Beth Mann’s recent Open Salon post here.

1. Sex on the Beach
Agreed, and really, sex while exposed to the elements can be rather distracting, generally speaking.

2. Sex in Watery Places
In particular re: the shower, yeah–if I’m not directly under the hot water, I’m getting distracted by being cold, but if I’m under the water too long, I’m getting prune-y. Also, it takes a rarely found harmony of heights, strength, and position-preferences to make this location truly conducive.

3. Porn Style Sex
The quotes under this item seem to presume that all porn sex is rough, and it’s not. I rather enjoy porn-inspired sex when the inspiration’s creative and otherwise good.
p.s. here’s a recommended free source of said inspiration, if you don’t already know about it: www.shufuni.com

13. Tantric Sex
I haven’t tried this yet, but am told by a very close friend that it’s actually quite nice. So, I’m not going to dismiss it as overrated without having partaken. My friend will, in fact, be holding a workshop to share the love. RSVP via comment.

14. Sex with a Large Member
Hmm. Eh. Ok, suffice it to employ a quote from a wise friend–when the sex is like “throwing a hot dog down a hallway,” it’s probably not cutting it.


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One Response

  1. zy says:

    Hee hee. Re: 1. Sometimes, wild dogs roam the beach. Beware.

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