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box o’ sketchy

This may or may not be the first installment in a series of posts from me (bee) on the unbearable lightness of online dating. I’ll keep this one brief.

I’d like to bestow the medal of sketchiest-message-received-thusfar to he who goes by Two-BackedBeast (click at your own risk) on OkCupid.com (also, click at your own risk, but for different reasons–i.e., potential addiction).

From: Two-BackedBeast

Subject: I Kiss…

Body: …your sweet Hapa hips. With ribald perfection I send you my enamors & fig leaf strudel.

Shall we dance?

Il Bestia

Talk amongst yourselves.


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3 Responses

  1. Dobbs says:

    Dude…. I got you beat a thousand times over. Please refer to Craig’s List Casual Encounters for your daily dose of unimaginable sketchiness.

  2. zy says:

    Holy hairy crotch shot, batman. Blegh. And casual encounters are def nasty, but they don’t seek you out….eeeech…

  3. ongoco says:

    bwooohahahahahahahahah! HILARIOUS!

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