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It must be said: The L Word is imploding. Evidence:

  • Alice may be getting left, again. This is because the suggested threesome between her, Tasha and Jamie seems to be devolving into an oncoming Jamie-Tasha affair. And they met because Alice saved a teen from suicide!  There is no justice in this world. I hope the cute designer from Season 5 reappears in time to show them up…
  • Max has gotten left, again. And is being subjected to Jenny’s insane Wonka-esque baby shower and breast pump presents.   Can’t he get a break?  (At least the awesome Daniela Sea gets some more lines.)
  • Jenny is ruining everyone’s relationships, including Dylan and Helena’s. Quoth Shane, “She’s just so inappropriate.” Sigh.
  • Shane is locked into craziness with Jenny. Set her free!
  • Elizabeth Berklee, aka VD, continues to come on to Bette. I am simultaneously bored and grossed out.
  • There is almost no humor left.  And an episode titled “Lactose Intolerant”?? I know the writers are running out of “L” puns, but give me a break.

Perhaps E.B. really is the best expression of what the L Word universe is coming to: slightly desperate, lifted, and squealing loudly in an attempt to be seen as fun. Again, sigh. It’s so hopelessly SATC (Girls!!! EEE!!!).

Though maybe there is hope, in the form of Kit and Sunset Boulevard, who is pretty hot for a Kit love interest. I mean, she’s been with some real duds: Benjamin, Angus.  Ivan Aycock was OK, but had a ridiculous name and an issue with honesty. And Papi would have been awesome, but Kit isn’t that way inclined (and the whole thing almost seemed like a mommy issue).  So a sweetheart drag queen who’s hot in and out of dresses? Major step up! I hope they work out.


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