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miscellaneous cultural commentary from two urban twenty-somethings. on this here interweb, we go by "bee" and "zy."

tuesday morning musings

Well, late morning in New York, anyway. Which I like to think of when I imagine how much time I have left in a day.  Imagine, New York me is just taking a sleepy-eyed coffee break…

On days like this (slightly cloudy, plagued by restlessness and the munchies) I find myself trolling the Web for something amusing and delicious.  The Guardian delivers in a tribute to pancake day, a delicious Shrove Tuesday tradition introduced to me by a certain blue-eyed lady.

Alex also gets the credit for sharing this fab snack tribute:

Trippy? Yes. Deliciously so.

Makes me want to curl up with a stack of flapjacks (US, not UK, thought the chewy bars have their merits, too) with a good book. Though not on a Kindle, even if they have finally managed to make it look like a clean, streamlined Mac-like  product. Books are just better for leaning and underlining (and less prone to malfunction when your sleep-combating coffee tips over).  Current fave: The Paris Review Interviews, III.



P.S. A happy b-day to BEE!


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