oh beezy

miscellaneous cultural commentary from two urban twenty-somethings. on this here interweb, we go by "bee" and "zy."

bee’s song rec of the [sporadikos]; notes

Bi-Pet by Lali Puna. Thanks, as usual, to Lee, for sending me this one. When he first told me he had my musical taste “to a T” after a brief listen to my favs playlist on my iPod, I thought he was arrogant. He was just telling the truth, as it turned out.

Completely unrelated notes:

Many, many congrats to my dear love, Angela, on getting her dream job at the JET Foundation. This girl is on a direct and speedy-ass path to making the entire world a better place. For real. I yearn (and secretly plan) for the day when I work for her.

Check out this tumblr documenting the development of a very cool project, “with lovers and friends,” born out of the ridiculously and prolifically creative mind of my friend, Ian. Also, watch hjónaband.


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