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relationship for rent

jewelry_inlaid_keysCoincidentally, two days in a row I heard references (coming from people who don’t know each other) to girls (who also don’t know each other) who either actively or half-jokingly use guys for a free place to sleep/live. Is this a trend I’ve been heretofore unaware of? Could the ability to meet someone and work one’s way into a relationship with lightening-fast move-in status be considered a skill?

I mentioned this to a person I’m currently flirting with, who responded, “Don’t worry. I charge $2.50 per night.”



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4 Responses

  1. Angela Ongoco says:

    So basically you have heard of two separate incidences in which a guy has offered his place to a girl…

    Well, since I represent 50% of your sample size, I’m all about sleepovers, especially if they are cute and if you feel comfortable and secure around them. Also it was free because I am unemployed, so men who charge rent would be just cruel.

    You, on the other hand, have a job so $2.50 is not that bad.

    So, I guess men are like Democrats in a fiscal sense: they provide tax credits to cute UNemployed girls like me, and for cute employed girls like you, the boys charge a sort of tax for the greater good. Again $2.50 per night is not that bad given your income bracket, so I wouldn’t complain about being charged $2.50.

  2. zy says:

    I’ve heard of a girl meeting a guy with kid, and immediately moving in as live-in gf/babysitter. That’s definitely extreme, but I think it’s a slippery slope. I also think some couples I know have moved in together very fast, for financial reasons rather than being ready, because living on your own in a city is really expensive. As for “relationships for rent”: I dunno if it’s a trend so much as an increasingly common move for the financially insolvent (much like when I lived in a 4 by 6 box in a cruddy apartment for $300 a month right after college). But I think it’s dangerous. Sleepovers are one thing (and I am a fan). Living with someone you’ve just met is another. And if people think you owe them your body for a drink…

  3. Angela Ongoco says:

    Also, it’s not cool to use people. Some guy said I could come over whenever, even when he wasn’t around. Weird! I declined and said WEIRD!

  4. zy says:

    Eeps. Good call.

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