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miscellaneous cultural commentary from two urban twenty-somethings. on this here interweb, we go by "bee" and "zy."

living for virtual reality

Do you ever wonder how many people are getting to the point where their lives and actions are motivated to some sizable degree by social media?

For example, how many people are browsing online magazines more because they want a witty article to share on Twitter than because they crave a good read? How many out there are planning social events largely in anticipation of showing off how crazy or pretty or popular they are via the resulting pictures they post on Facebook? Are there people making their plans for tonight based on how awesome the activity will sound laconically described in their Gchat, Facebook, and IM status messages?

It’s unclear.


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One Response

  1. Erica says:

    So very true. FB is incredibly narcissistic, but I love how we are constantly editing how we present ourselves to the world.

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