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Bilbao, the catcall-free city

Re: Bee’s piece, so sorry you had to deal with that.  It makes me grateful that I am living in a place where catcalls and sidewalk threats are less common.  But the UK isn’t nearly as sucker-free as Bilbao, and the Basque country in general.  There, you could walk around at three in the morning, and no one would speak to you, much less follow or threaten you. The only time guys ever followed me, it was a group of teenage boys–who wanted to help me with my luggage.  It was lovely.

Of course, even though catcalling is less common in many places here, Western Europe is hardly devoid of sexual violence.  Just yesterday a friend of a friend was assaulted in Dublin.  And every time I hear another story like this, I wish that we could do more to prevent it.  One wonders how a worldwide anti-violence initiative would fare–or if one already exists that has slipped under the radar.



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