oh beezy

miscellaneous cultural commentary from two urban twenty-somethings. on this here interweb, we go by "bee" and "zy."

the pick-up threat

It’s a bit after 5:30 pm. I’m on my way home from work, walking the couple blocks between the subway and my apartment building. A group of very tall, very wide men are oncoming. As I pass, one of them leans towards me and says, “You better watch out. I’m gonna kidnap you, you’re so beautiful.”

WHO SAYS THAT?? Good lord. Maybe this line comes from a whole book of especially sketch-ass pick-ups that I’ve been lucky enough to be unexposed to until now. Anyways, time to plug HollaBack–the site where you can call out mouthy tools…if you’re equipped with a photo-taking device at the time: http://hollabacknyc.blogspot.com.



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